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Payza, the PayPal for internet marketeers

Authors update;

As described below, Payza is a processor that was willing to work with internet money maker programs where PayPal wasn't.

Unfortunately, The U.S. government has charged Payza for running an unlicensed money services business due to these smoother admission requirements.

All US accounts have been frozen immediately and Payza has been running as .eu extension for non-America users for a while. All these accounts are been frozen at this moment too.

The website is still online but their service doesn't work anymore. It's very doubtful if Payza will be able to provide their service in the future.

This means a big slap for many internet marketers since Payza was the most common payment processor in this branch.

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Payza is in internet marketing the most widely accepted online payment processor that basically works the same as Paypal.

As you might know, many internet marketing programs have had "The PayPal slap" the last years. Paypal doesn't seem to be pleased with internet earning or affiliate programs in general and has locked many administrators accounts of these programs.

This made the internet marketing industry massively shifting to alternative online payment processors and Payza became the most common processor. Payza his features and stability are the most like Paypal have. Payza is the first payment processor internet marketer should have to receive their payouts. Payza has personal or business accounts, API integration, and direct transfer abilities to your bank or credit card. Payza is free to sign up and use. For transactions, there are several amounts of fees calculated.

Features of Payza:

  1. Send and receive online payment from most Internet marketing and affiliate programs
  2. Send and receive funds directly to other Payza members by using e-mail address
  3. API integration for your web stores and pages
  4. Possibility to order a Payza credit card for direct payment and ATM withdraws
  5. Wide range of funding and withdraw options
  6. Wide range of accepted currencies
  7. Affiliate program
<<< Start using Payza here, it's free >>>

Setting up your Payza account

Signing up in, and the use of  Payza is free and pretty straightforward.

Payza verification

As first you need to fill in a form to provide your personal details and your e-mail address. Since this is a payment account it needs to be verified with your bank account and you need to provide real data only.

Your e-mail address will be used as your username and as your ID for receiving and sending payments. You will get your payment notifications here also. Best is to use your office or main address, not a trash e-mail account. Gmail and outlook both works but in internet marketing, it's always best to use a Gmail address.

The second step is to choose between a personal or business account. A business account is only needed when you have your own webpage or web store where you want to send/receive money to or get paid by its visitors. With a business account, you can pay your visitors or add a "pay now" Payza button by using the API integration. With a business account, you have to provide your business details as well. A personal account will be enough to send and receive money to other Payza users and websites.

After you have confirmed your e-mail address you need to set up your account further by choosing an avatar, username and verified your bank and/or credit card account to be able to withdraw and make payments with them.

Verifying your account will take a few business days and can be done by clicking "verifying' at your name drop-down menu above your avatar on your home page of Payza.
To verify you need to upload a scan or photo from your ID or driver license and a utility bill. The bill must be not older than three months and showing your current home address.

After that, your status next to your avatar will change into "verified" and you will be able to fund your Payza wallet through your bank account or credit card.

Funding and withdrawing your Payza wallet and fees

You can fund or withdraw your Pauza wallet directly through; Your bank account, Credit card, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Paysafecard, Flexapin, Several exchangers and cryptocurrency traders

1. Select "Add funds" to fund or "Withdraw Funds" to withdraw in the header 

2. Click on the link to the decided method and follow instructions

<<< Sign up in Payza now >>>

When you fund or withdrawn your wallet, There are a few things to be aware of;

Credit Card and Bank account

You can enter whole numbers of the selected currency only, not parts of it. for example, $ 10,00 must be entered as 10 and $ 10.50 is not possible to progress. Bank fees are set as varies and are 10% for USD or EUR.

The following currencies can be deposited or withdrawn directly throughout your bank account only': Euro, US Dollar, Bitcoin, Canadian Dollars Czech Koruna Hungarian Forint, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Pounds Sterling, Swedish Kronor, Turkish Lira.

All others are set on currently unavailable.

Bitcoin and altcoin

You can send or receive bitcoin and, since a sort period of time, receive a wide range of altcoins directly in your wallet. Their fees are set as free for this in the transfer list, this is not correct. When using cryptocurrency you need to check their current exchange rate. They will be generally 5% higher or lower than the current rate. This means that you will receive less or pay more than the current value of the coin in real money.

Paysafecard and Flexepin

For Paysafecard and Flexepin you need to enter the received PIN code inside a Paysafecard or Flexepin account pin and transfer the money afterward from those accounts., You can't enter the PIN directly in Payza, these transfers are not anonymously in this way.

Payza to Payza member payments

Here is where the real value starts, You can send and receive money by Payza to Payza member transfers by using your given e-mail address as your payment ID.

Just select "Send Funds" or "Request Funds" inside the header. and fill in the Currency, amount and e-mail address to send it to.

Paying or receiving money from external sites 

Sites that support payments from Payza will have a Payza button available on their checkout page. To receive payments from external sites you need to enter your Payza ID e-mails address inside the payments options. This can be found mostly in your personal settings or account settings of that site.

Payza API Integration 

When you are a site owner and want to implement Payza payments, you can use the API to add Payza payment options inside your site. You need to have a business account inside Payza. The API will allow you to

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Use "Buy Now" and "Subscribe Now" buttons for online payments
  • Integrate Payza into third-party applications
  • Enjoy low transaction fees of 2.5% + $0.25 USD (or equivalent) per transaction 
  • Send payments to groups of people at once with the Mass Pay feature

<<< Start using the Internet Marketeers online payment processor >>>

Payza prepaid credit card

Payza offers their own prepaid credit card to pay from your Payza wallet balance. The card can be used like any normal credit card in online and offline stores or to withdraw money from an ATM.  The cost of these cards are $ 19,95 one time shipping fee and can be paid from your wallet balance. There are several fees for the use of the Payza prepaid credit card.

<<< Withdraw, fund and pay online with Payza >>>

Payza affiliate program (earning money from Payza)

You can make money from Payza also, by referring it to fellow marketers. In fact its one of my recommended sources of my long term programs that really work money making list. You won't get rich fast from Payza promotions but it's a really good, free to join, long-term program with real value that people really like to use. Payza can be referred without shame and won't hurt your trust factor like many fast making online programs do.

Money can simply be made by spreading your personal promotion link around the internet. Payza will pay you $10 one time commission when someone signs up in Payza by using your promotion link, after you reach 10 people in your downline and had transfers $250 dollars overtime each.
In other words, you will get paid in block  It seems like a long road to take but when you fit Payza promotions in your common projects it will be a stable dripping source of income for the long term, helping to build your online income.

Qualifications to get paid for referrals

  • Referrals must open a Payza Personal or Business account.
  • Referrals must transact at least $250 (sending and/or receiving).
  • After your 10th referral, we will pay you $10 USD a referral.
  • Self-referrals, or referral s from the same IP address, will not be rewarded.

Payza in general

Whatever you like them or not, Payza is such a big player in internet marketing, that you simply can't bypass them. Payza best future is the ability to work smoothly with your bank account or credit card. I use Payza mostly to get money in or out my online marketing projects from my bank account. For transferring their fees are on the high hand. For internal online transfers or cryptocurrency, you can use the cheaper Payoneer or Coinpayments.

In overall, Payza is a good trusted and long-term stabilized online payment processor. All payments go smoothly and I have personally never had any problems with them. Still, there are some complaints about the customer support when something does go wrong.

Payza is trusted and widely accepted but it is what it is, an online payment processor without a real bank or own ATM system. These online systems can be trusted as long as they are online and can disappear into space easily for a wide variety of reasons. I will strongly advise you, like in any online payment processor, not to hold a great amount of money into your Payza account. Use it as a payment processor for your working cash flow and keep your spare money or profits in your real, ensured, bank account.

If you want to build your business with stable, HYIP and Ponzi free programs, you should check my over years, handpicked list of long term programs that really work .  Please leave a comment below or thumb up if this article was helpful for you.



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