Marketing tools that work, long term legit

internet marketing tools long term legit list
Legit Internet marketing tools

Here below you will find a straightforward listing of my recommended programs and tools for internet marketing. All are free to join and carefully selected. After a lot of trials and error testing of many internet marketing programs, I kept on using the programs below.

All listed programs have proven on stability, long term legit payments and productivity.

These all are programs for the long-term constructive business and teambuilding. Good to refer and use to start building your business the right way. You might want to bookmark, pin or share this page to be able to find it back for later reference,.
Wallets, Advertising, Branding pages, marketing tools and programs for the professionals are all in this list.

We all are different marketers and you won’t personally like all of these programs. Some you will love instantly, some you will start to like overtime, some will just don’t work for you. But I can ensure you that they are all worth to try out. It will cost you nothing to signup and test all of these internet marketing tools and you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time.


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Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 recommended marketers training platform by many marketers.  As a free member, you will have access to about 50 marketing lessons to set up your business in any niche. Upgraded members will have access to regularly updated high-end training, A press release blog, Access to very active marketers to marketers’ social platforms.

You will get a free 7-day full membership trail at sign up with no auto extensions. Go and take the full benefits of this outstanding 7-day free marketing training.

my #1 recommendation to start

All in one profits (AIOP)

All in one profits, the name says it all. AIOP provides all your needs when it comes to marketing tools and hosting. $11,50 a month will provide you ;

A full professional own autoresponder with unlimited subscribers and listings. Without any third-party ads.

C panel WordPress hosting, where you can attach your own domain name. In other words, A professional blog site.

A splash page and capture lead page builder and hosting for your the autoresponder and your own products

SEO friendly press release blog,

Pro video hosting without any other ads and links to other video’s (like youtube has)

Free inner program banner and text advertisement wich members of AIOP will see on several pages.

Link tracking tool with rotator and branding top bar.

Freebies to give away as a lead magnet for your capture lead pages

And last but not least. A very loyal affiliate program which pays you $10,00 a month as long as your prospect is upgraded (that’s about 93% commissions)

AIOP - All in one profits marketing tools

SFI (Strong Future International)

Marketing promotion tools
Personal branding for affiliate marketing and work from home jobs

The only stable MLM platform I have found without forced buying of startup packages, samples, etc

SFI has 5 different stores with over 10.000 products completely installed for you with the most marketing tools, like banners, splash pages, etc I have ever seen within one program

Now in its 20th year and serving millions of affiliates. Free to join and use

SFI is a great start point to start selling or promoting a product you personally like. The inside dashboard has a complete step by step startup tutorial

Free to start MLM programs with 5 sale stores


This mailer has the cheapest full professional personal autoresponder in the market at there upgrade packages. For just 3 dollars a month you can set up 12 responders with 50.000 subscribers and 40 automatic emails each. Others like Getresponse will cost you over 10 or 20 bucks a month.

 european safelist mailer autoresponder and leadbuilder


Personal branding and lead generating programs with a social twist. These social marketing programs have marketers branding tools, personal profiles, personals blogs, and connection options.

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 Mlm gateway social marketing platform and lead building program


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leasedadspeace personal blog and whitelistmailer


ibotoolbox Marketer social platform, SEO press releases, personal branding page


Traffic exchange with a social twist, personal branding page, high traffic



Leadsleap isn’t just a traffic program, It has tons of free tools like link trackers, rotators, popup creators and monetizing traffics option that easily beats the paid offers elsewhere.

leadsleap - traffic and reviews, monetizing for blogger and lot of free tools


This I a super tool. TEMbrowser is a special browser for surfing and organizing Traffic exchanger and whitelist mailers. You will surf Traffic exchangers much faster and easier. Gather More traffic credits in less time.


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Solidtrustpay most commen used wallet in internet marketing


Skrill e-wallet used small payment programs, survey programs


payoneer worldwide banking used by many affiliate programs like amazon


coinbase - the paypall for cryptocurrency. buy, sell, trade and pay with the big crypto coins. can be connected to your bank account


Coinpaments - cryptocurrency wallet for almost all types of cryptocoins. pay and hold virtuel money with ease

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  1. Many thanks for sharing these tips and tools! I need some time to read up on them and find out how they work, but I'm sure that at least a few of them will come in handy!

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