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Secret tip: Why you should have a featured blog postings page

Here a hidden trick for those who take the time to read a bit further in my postings. This is why a featured blog postings page, like this one above, is so useful for your blog.

You would think that featured a blog postings page only bring back work to set up. After all, you can send your visitors directly to your home page blogroll, can’t you? That’s the obvious place and they immediately see everything you have to offer.

However, this is the wrong line of thought. I’ve found out that setting up a separate simple page that gives a brief overview of your blog has a lot of advantages for you and your visitors. It is even unwise to send visitors directly to your homepage blogroll. Let me explain to you the advantages of a recommended post page on your blog

The benefits for your visitors

Your entire blog is been displayed on your home blogroll with the latest post at the top.

First of all, this does not mean that your last post on top is the best post to start reading. It could be a follow-up article to a previous post or in a category that does not interest the visitor.

If you put yourself in your visitor’s place, you will understand that your blogroll overview is a lot of information. Especially, those who are looking at your blog for the first time don’t know if they will find the right information.

You can’t expect your visitor to go through your entire blogroll to see if there is something interesting to read. At most, a new visitor will read your first three headlines in your blog roll and leave if it doesn’t appeal to him directly.

So you’ll have guide a new visitor and show him the most important posts to start reading. With a featured blog posting page, you refer directly to your main content in a few different categories. In this way, You will attract the new reader’s attention.

The advantages for you as a blogger.

For yourself, as a writer, a recommended post page is also very useful.

First of all, this is a simple overview of what your own blog stands for. If you write a lot, you will get entangled in your own jumble of stories and links within the pages. Your own featured blog posting page is a good starting point for writing a new post. After all, these are the postings that are at the heart of your blog that you want to explore further.

Secondly, and most importantly, your landing page can be used dynamically. You can easily remove a recommended post and add a new one. This while the main link of the post does not change. So your visitors are always sent to the same place that you control. The order and content of the featured blog postings page are up to you and not by your system.

On a recommended post page you decide how and where visitors get to see what you recommend within your blog.

Benefits of advertising your featured blog postings page

In many places, such as Instagram, forums, and advertisements you can only put one link in your social profile. You have the choice to either refer to your blog role or to a single article.

At Instagram, I often see that influencers and bloggers change their profile weblink to their last promoted article every time. This is very inconvenient and confusing for a visitor who happens to click on a previous Instagram post. Referring to your blog role is also inconvenient, as mentioned earlier.

Again, a recommended post page will help. After all, only a small number of postings are listed here. A visitor does not have to search for a long time for the corresponding post that you are currently advertising. Because it is much clearer than your home blog role, a visitor is willing to do this quick search.

A big additional advantage is that you can promote multiple blog posts at once without it becoming overwhelming. For example, It can be that you promote the blog article “A”. Your advertisement sends visitors to your featured blog posting page with posting “A” and “B” mentioned. Posting “B” might be more interesting for your visitors than “A”. You have never drawn this visitor’s attention to posting “B” if you hadn’t addressed them via “A”.

The featured posting page must be structured in a way that visitors quickly see which postings belong to wich advertisements. This is the whole idea behind a recommended blog posting page, quickly redirecting visitors to the right article.

Featured blog postings page benefits in a nutshell

In a social forum profile or general ad, a featured blog postings page is a better place to lead people to than your home blog roll. It allows you to promote multiple articles at once without overwhelming your visitors.