What is a matrix program

what is a matrix program

How does a money matrix work?

Most matrices are targeted on fast money making with a small initial investment. You will be able to multiply your money many times by recruiting other people to the matrix who are instructed to do the same.

Promotions of matrices are heavily hyped with earning tables about how much you will be able to earn with just recruiting a relatively low number of people. If you follow their example maths it all seems to be solid and completely reachable in an easy way.

The basics of a matrix system are simple.

You will pay, let’s say 2 dollars one-time to your upline + a little fee for the system.

This will bring you the first line in the matrix with a total of 4 positions.
Each of these positions can be resold for 2 dollars apiece.

In this case, 4 new members paid 2 dollars each and your total profit will be 8 dollars.

Simple Matrix example

Money matrix duplication 3 level explanation

Solid as a rock, right?

Now you can start duplicate, you will keep 4 dollars and buy your next line into the matrix for the cost of 4 dollars + fee.

This will bring you again 4 new positions to resell, now with a value of eight dollars each.
Sell this, and you will have 32 dollars. And so on and on.

Perfect, Simple, Transparent and covered!

You simply invest a chubby amount of 2 dollars and keep on duplicating it by finding people who will do the same.

So why didn’t anyone come up with this
Unique-amazing-no-brainer-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity before?

Of course, the calculation is correct, there are no holes in the money distribution, that’s at least something.

There are only a few slight things left out in this out in this presentation. First of all, it’s the school example of a pyramid scheme. There is no real product in this example other than the ability to make money by getting other people in.

This is flatly illegal and, just to avoid prosecution, you will get some valueless bonus products with your matrix position purchase.

In basic did you bought something that you didn’t want to have in the first place. Just to be able to resell it multiple times.

Second, the duplication will only work if your prospects also sell their 4 spots and get into the second matrix line. So, next to recruiting, you will need to train, help and push your new prospect to sell this empty, worthless system that can make them so much money. (ahem)

Only if they all succeed and their new members will too, you will get the maximum achievable money as shown inside that beautiful promotion presentation.

Are all matrices flat, sneaky sold, pyramid schemes?

Unfortunately, the very most are, let’s say above 90%

The only way to keep yourself safe from those is to never, ever buy a product that you don’t like, never will use or is too expensive for the only reason that you can make money from it.

is-it a-pyramid-test-review

Another red flag is if you need to pay on forehand before you even know the product is.
I mean, why should you pay for something that you don’t know what it is before you did the payment without the ability to get your money refund, just to be able to resell that product.

It’s just illogical and, again, illegal.

Online Customers should always be able to review a product before payment or there must be a refund policy.

Is it all gloom and doom into the matrices world?

money matrix review

Luckily not, there are a few matrices that actually have a real product base behind them, more than just a few useless E-books that no one wanted to have in the first place.

Some have the possibility to check the site before you ever spend any money.

Don’t get me wrong, In any matrix, you will still need to pay for your first matrix position before you are able to resell it.

So I will strongly advise you only to step into these matrices if their product has real value for you, the price feels right and you would like to use the product yourself.

In this way, you love your product and you don’t have to be ashamed to resell them or the matrix positions to multiply your initial investments.

This is the only way to succeed in matrices and the main reason why people fail into online marketing, by selling things where they do not truly believe in, just because it CAN make them so much money.

Don’t get distracted by shiny compensation plans,
rather concentrate on the products and possibilities inside the matrix.

I strongly believe that compensation plans only work on products that people need and want to use.

All the different compensation plans and products should be published on the sites of the programs before you sign up.

Final words

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to matrices. Please, think twice before you sign up on a highly hyped shiny matrix. I hope the introduction of matrices in this post has given you some insight.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions into the comment. section below.



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