Leasedadspace – What it is and how it works

What is Leasedadspace and how to use it

leasedadspace- what is it and how to use it

What is Leasedadspace?

Leasedadspace is a complete internet marketers platform that combines a web traffic system and a set of essential marketing tools to brand yourself as marketers including;

A simple personal blog (for all members)
A personal profile branding page with links to your video’s and blog postings
Textads and banner ads package (numbers depends on package)

Lifetime mailing to every member (intervals depends on package)
Adboard postings on the all inside pages (number a day depends on package)

What makes Leasedadspeace interesting, above the many other opportunities, is that you will get a complete package to brand yourself and attract other marketers in several packages, from free to a relatively low lifetime one payment fee.

You will pay once and save yourself a lot of time on clicking advertisements in mailers and duct-taping different free marketing tools together. There is no monthly cost at all. The most of what you need, to promote yourself, is all there in one place to maintain.

Leasedadspace has itself innovated from an advertising platform matrix in that started in 2015 to a full single line sell internet marketers platform at the beginning of 2018.

This means that it has left the smudged matrix profile system and you need to pay an additional $ 10 if you want to become a reseller of Leasedadspace.

This is completely optional and a one time fee. You will be able to sell all packages afterward and there is no need to buy all the packages anymore to sell a higher package than you.

The drawback of this is that there are no benefits from your downline sells anymore. You will get the full commission on what you sell and that’s it. On the other hand, you don’t have to share your commissions with the people in your upline.

Let me unfold the different inside benefits a little deeper.

A simple personal blog for all members.

This is a public place where you can place marked up text with pictures and links to your project.

If you but just want to drop some additional personal written info, without setting up a full blog and maintain the cost, this blog will be a good alternative.
Of course, it is wrapped in the Leasedadspace environment and not so flexible as a full blog.

Still,  it is very useful as a redirect place for more info for your prospect and Facebook promotions,. Placing teasing and intro postings to attract people to your main blog.
If you post frequently it will attract marketers that are inside Leasedadspace already.

A personal public branding page

I love these the most, many people will overlook it’s abilities or even fill them in but public personal branding pages are a very powerful tool.

I use these often to advertise myself instead of an opportunity into mailer and traffic exchangers. They are Highly converting when you put in a contact link.

It’s a relief for people if someone tries to reach out personally to them, explaining what they do and can do for them instead of punching an opportunity directly.

Personal branding pages are designed to connect with people and not to sell directly.

Here you can read how to write a good personal profile or follow this example

After contact, you can always redirect them to your facebook group or your blog post for more information.

A personal branding page will make you connect with people and are a good or better alternative than the capture lead page.
A good thing about your personal profile page in Leasedadspace is that your referral link is included also. When you promote your personal page, you will promote Leasedadspace together with it.

Text add and banner packages

Each subscription into Leasedadspace comes with a banner and text ad package with a number of credits for one-time use. Your banner will be displayed in Leasedadspace only in front of the members.

The value of this advertising is not too high, It might convert a bit. The only things that it gives a little value to these advertisements are that members in Leasedadspace are buyers and not tire-kicking freebie seekers.

Lifetime mailing to every member.

This is the bomb that separates Leasedadspace from the others. For surfing just a few other mailings,  you can send out your mail to the completely ever-growing Leasedadspace member base. Not once, but again and again as long as Leasedadspace will exist (since 2016). A highly converting time-saving option.

The interval time where you allowed to send out your Email depends on your Leaseadspace package. From once a month to once a day. In the end, only this option only will pay back your initial sign up fee.

It’s just a matter of consequent mailing until you earned your money back and beyond.

Adpost postings on all inside pages.

These are little text links with some read more info and an outgoing link.
Very good to give an announcement to a blog post or support link to get more clicks to your emails.

An Adpost has a sort lifetime since it is pulled down by the new ones. Still, you can expect 5 clicks on your post and with the smallest package, you can post twice a day.

Check what Leadsleap users say about Leasedadspace

The prices and packages inside Leaseadspace


All members are given a free customizable personal profile page. Get noticed!

Start generating content and getting your name out there using our free Personal Blog!

Post in our Ad Board Directory using click credits. 10 credits per post


BANNER ADS 8.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 4.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 28 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD  1 free post per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional cost posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 12.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 6.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 14 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 2 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 20.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 14.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 9 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
3 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additi


BANNER ADS 24.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 16.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS1 every 7 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 4 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits 


BANNER ADS 28.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 18.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 5 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 5 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 40.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 20.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 4 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 6 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS110.000 Impressions Every Month
TEXT ADS 60.000 Impressions Every Month 
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 48 hours, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 25 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


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