Free social personal marketing branding programs

Personal Marketing social branding programs
Personal social branding sites

Brand yourself personally as a marketer, not a program

When you are promoting online, is personal marketing branding, nothing more or less than putting yourself first, instead of a program

People are more willing to follow a person that informs them than a standard “sign up here” advertisement page.

The question should not be wich program they have to follow, but why they have to follow it with you! What do you have to offer to compare all the standard promotion advertisements?

The answer is quite simple, Human interaction and additional information. You are the only truly unique thing on the internet. If people are starting to follow you,  it nearly doesn’t matter anymore which program you are promoting.

The following four internet marketers’ social programs are my most favorite to share my programs and blog postings. All are long term existing sites and have free membership options.

You will be able to set up a full personal profile, make social connections, create a posting and gather all your programs in one place.

The only thing you will need to promote in the future is your own social page.

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Personal marketing branding programs


4 best free social personal brandings site
best programs for public social marketing branding

I like IBO TOOLBOX to call “The Facebook for marketers”,

You can create a very extensive public profile page at IBOToolbox with your videos, press releases (blog postings), social connections and your own Adsense ads!

The profile and press releases have their own permalinks and can be promoted anywhere

A short overview of the features of IBOToolbox

Social wall, A facebook alike timeline of your actions

IBO Associates, Marketers where you can connect with and mail (friends)

Press releases (PR releases in the account menu)

Little blog postings that can have your opportunity links and are connected to your personal profile.

Press releases will be shared on the front social wall, to your connections, and can be used as stand-alone postings for your promotions. you will get internal advertising credits for publishing press releases.

Free Advertising Credits.

IBOToolbox has internal text and banner ads. You can achieve free advertising credits on IBOToolbox by taking several actions like posting PR releases, reading the weekly mail, entering the twice a day promo codes.

Branding Top bar.

The most extended personal branding top bar I have found so far.

When you use the IBOURL link shortener on your promotion page, IBOtoolbox can put several topbars above that promotion page, with your photo, social links, press releases, and your IBOtoolbox signup link.

See example promo page without topbar
See example promo page with IBOURL topbar

As you can see, the IBOURL is a very powerful tool to make standard advertisements stand out and will promote multiple links in a very simple way for using one advertisement credit only.

IBOToolsbox works on a mobile app as well and is fully responsive to all screen types.

ibotoolbox - personal marketing branding


MLM Gateway is a combination of a marketing-minded people connection site and a personal branding system.

You can build a personal profile where you can at your Business Opportunities and social connections.

A very powerful tool is business announcements. This is an option to write simple blog postings with links to your opportunities. Business announcements will provide you connection credits, are connected to your profile, will attract people and have a permalink to share in other places.

MLM Gateway is fully responsive on all mobile devices

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

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EASYHITS4U for personal marketing branding

EASYHITS4U is well known as a traffic exchanger but has great unrevealed branding options as well.

Next, to the traffic exchange, you can use Easyhits4U to

  • Connect with other members
  • Create a public profile that you can promote elsewhere
  • Write articles with your links
  • Make facebook comments on the front page’. Say something like “connect me for traffic tricks ” don’t post links directly in the Facebook box

Tip: On the photo thumbnail of an Easyhits4U member, you can see whether it’s upgraded or not, upgraded members are members that are willing to pay for things (buyers)

The free HTML splash page builder and rotator are some useful tools as well.
Easyhits4U has massive daily traffic and a very active member base.

Easyhits4u for personal marketing branding


Leasedadspeace is the most cost-effective lifetime upgrade social mailer, it also has a free membership option.  (read more in my full article about Leasedadspage here)

Free and all paying members will have

A public personal branding marketing blog
You will be able to generate content and brand your name online by using your free Personal Blog.

A personal branding marketing public profile
All members are given a free customizable personal profile page, with your blog postings, social connections, programs, and videos.

Ad board directory postings

Post in the Ad Board Directory using click credits, which you can get by reading Ad Board posting and mailings, costings 10 credits per post.

Paying upgraded members will have, lifetime mailing to all members, text ad credits, banner credits, and less credit use to perform their posting.

Time intervals to be able to mail, credit usage, number of ads, depends on the bought package size.

For example, 

The cheapest package of  $9,98 one time fee has 8000 banner impressions, 4000 text ad impressions, 1 solo E-mail every 28 days to all members for lifetime, 1 free Ad Board posting a day

The most expensive package for $ 147,00 one time fee has 110.000 banner ad impressions every month, 60.000 text ad impressions every month, 1 lifetime solo E-mail every 48 hours to all members . 25 free Ad Board postings a day for lifetime

To serve your needs, there are several packages in between.

Read all the benefits and cost of Leasedadspace here

leasedadspace for personal marketing branding

Thanks for reading out, I hope it was helpful and triggered some ideas.

Feel free to share this post or ask all your questions inside the comments.


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