Tips to get leads in MLM Gateway

MLM Gateway Tips to gets leads.

How to Get Leads from MLM Gateway.

After reading my tips to get leads in MLM Gateway you will be comfortable using MLM Gateway and be able to use its real connection promoting power.

Ever tried or hear about MLM Gateway before? You might have taken a look around already and left because you were confused about the best way to use MLM Gateway. 

I will explain the what, how and why for getting the best results for your MLM home-based business in MLM Gateway.

Is MLM Gateway worth the effort for using at your marketing business? Be your own judge!

What is MLM Gateway

In basic is MLM Gateway a combination of a free marketer targeted social network and a contacting site. You are able to generate leads and associate with like-minded people that are involved in network marketing.

MLM Gateway offers a personal profile page where you can include your projects, connection options, and a simple blog to create more information about or to promote your marketing programs.

It is a method to gain leads using the same principles as when you attempt to get leads from the regular social network with the twist that value internet marketing is appreciated, instead of being unaccepted.

You will need to approach your prospect the same way as you should be recruiting using social media sites.

  • No spamming.
  • Offer value.
  • Approach all people to help also the ones are not willing to join.
  • Stay active

Just “post and leave” won’t bring you any results. You will need to build up a trust factor and authority by posting helpful business announcements. In this way, people will see you as a person and not like a marketing robot, willing to follow you.

The real cost of MLM Gateway

MLM gateway tips to get leads long

MLM Gateway is free to sign-up and use. However, to connect, accepting people as leads and advertising you need to spend the internal credits, which you can earn or buy

At first, it seemed rather strange to me to, the need for buying credits to make contact. This system felt like a fake dating site, meant to take away your credits, as quickly and as much as possible so that you will buy new credits.

Later I discovered that it is fairly easy to earn these credits by actively posting business announcements and promoting MLM Gateway.

Sending the first message to a new person from the member’s list will cost you one credit.

After his response, you can accept this person as a lead for 20 credits. Next, to earn free credits, MLM Gateway offers the option of buying these credits or a monthly premium upgrade from $ 24,14 a Month

MLM Gateways credit packs overview

Premium membership offers you;

  • 50 credits included
  • No credit cost for the first connecting mail instead of 1 credit
  • More credits earned for publishing business announcement 
  • More credits are given for promoting and referring to people.
  • 50% commission on referral spending instead of 35% at the first level

AND Extra Premium Features like;

  • Video and website link placing into your profile
  • Profile visible for all
  • Listing on Featured Professionals Page 
  • Premium badge
  • Profile visitors counting
  • Some more

Since a premium membership has 50 credits included and no credits will be charged for connecting, I won’t advise you to buy lose credits often but to considers if a premium upgrade is more cost-effective to you.

premium membership overview

When you have 2 or more premium members in your downline, the premium membership pays itself du the 50% referral commissions.

How to get free credits on MLM Gateway

MLM gateway will give away free credits for;

Signing up at MLM Gateway – 5 credits
Referring to MLM Gateway – 10 credits ( premium members 15)
Sharing on facebook or twitter – 10 credits
When you are out of credits – 1 bonus credit
Accepted Business announcement – 5 credits ( premium members 10)

Business announcement (blog post) is the very best way to generate leads and free credits. The will make other people connecting to you, instead of you connecting them and MLM gateway will give you 5 credits after accepting your post.

The business announcement needs to be unique postings with at least 400 words and can have up to two clickable links to your products inside.

Most of the time I write a blog article on my personal blog and create a little intro article with a link to my blog to post as an MLM gateway business announcement.

After accepting by MLM gateway, I can use the intro post into my other social marketer’s sites

What to promote on MLM Gateway

For successful promoting, you need to find out what the real needs of your audience are. Bring the soluting for there problems, and they will follow up your recommended programs

If you take a good look at the MLM Gateway members base you will notice that most of them are in an MLM related Bussiness.

The majority of members are trying to pull you out of your MLM business to make you step into theirs. Don’t try to promote an MLM program directly using MLM Gateway. It will make you run around in circles with the other members. Following the direct selling system won’t bring you much success or new leads.

What MLM Gateway members really want are new prospects into their MLM business.

With this in mind, it is way better to promote tools and training for people that are involved in network marketing.

If you offer traffic systems to the member’s products, network marketing support, training, tools or any other product or service related to the MLM business, you will gain a lot of attention and followers.

How to promote yourself on MLM Gateway – Tips to get leads

1. Write business announcements,

Yes, I said it before… twice, but I can’t stress this enough. These are the power of attraction, making people connect with you instead of the other way around and bring you free credits.

A Business announcement is a public hosted document about your product. with your links to your projects in it. You can even submit your business announcements URL links to Google and push them up with other social media platform likes to be found organic!

Write a product-related business announcement with links to your product. Publish it and copy the hosted URL link. Post the link on any other social media site.

2. Connect with others

On top of your dashboard, you will find the latest social feeds with the “members list” directly under it. or you can press “members list” in your top-right menu to get directly to it

You can filter the “members list” by country/state and some more to target the right members. The latest added members are on top of the list. Upgraded members will have an orange badge next to their profile photo.

MLM Gateway connecting info

Sending a connecting request will cost you 1 credit a member.

To send a connection request, Find an interesting member an click the blue “contact member” button at the right side of the screen at that member.

On the next screen, you will see the chosen members’ profile with a contact form at the bottom.

Write a custom connecting mail, be social and creative, don’t use the pre-typed text! Send the connection request to the member.

3. Accept leads

MLM Gateway is all about getting leads, you can message them, new business announcement postings are at their social feeds. This is the social connecting you want to achieve in the first place.

You can accept a lead if a person sends you a connection request or if a member replies to your connection request.

A lead at MLM gateway is both ways accepted.

The cost of accepting a lead is 20 credits, be sure you have these in a spare when you are sending connection mails otherwise it will be a lost contact.

Once you have a lead, it is wise to connect him to your other social sites or mailing list. In that way, you can still reach him if he lost interest in MLM Gateway and doesn’t login anymore.

MLM Gateway referral program

Just mentioning it, MLM Gateway’s own referral program. I won’t get too deep into it because this article is about getting leads from MLM Gateway. Its’not about promoting MLM gateway itself.

MLM gateway has a standard 2 level deep commission structure.

As a free member, you will get 10 credits for every free member you recruit directly into MLM Gateway and 35% commission of his spendings on credit and upgrades (15 credits and 50% for premium members)

At level 2, your referral referrals spendings are your commission 6% of this person’s spendings.

MLM Gateway referral program overview

Although this counts up nice and will bring you costless upgraded premium membership when you have 2 paying recruits in, I will advise you not to make promoting MLM Getaway your primary goal.

If you use MLM Gateway as a tool to find a prospect and leads for promotion systems and projects, you will start to love and learn it.

After that, you will be able to promote MLM Gateway passively on the side as a great tool.

My advice is to use MLM Gateway as a promotional tool first. Learn all about it before you start promoting MLM Gateway itself.

Your referral promotion link and banners are in the affiliate section.

MLM Gateway overview

MLM Gateway is a great concept to bring marketing involved people together.

Use MLM Gateway to connect with people, advise them, and help them grow into their own MLM business. In this way, It will spit out value leads for your Traffic, Training and Branding programs and tools.

Recruiting MLM Gateway members for an MLM program straight away is a waste of time. You will be running around in the circle of defeat with the other members when you “shoot” directly. Advice members, show them why they should follow you for there success.

Feel free to post any questions or experiences of MLM gateway below.

With love from a fellow marketer



    • Thanks Taco,

      Another great way to get responce in MLM gateway is posting something about yourself (a marketing profile) as an bussiness anouncement. You can use the permalink of that profile to promote yourself and MLM Gateway in the same, I forgot to mention that. Any responce is a bump up on your anouncement and an attraction to your biz. If you put a social media pic in your anousement, it will popup nice in facebook when shared the permalink (600x315px)

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