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My #1 Recommendation

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Wealthy Affiliate, Why it's my #1 recommendation

( L ) E A R N Simply more

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best training and social brand building programs on the web that I have joined so far. It truly brought me a load of experience and information that I am still using every day.

After searching and struggling for a year, WA was my break thru in getting organized, content writing and finding products of real value that I like to promote

Long term legit programs that really work


That will go down at the moment you are willing to cash out? Here are the most stable programs on the int"ernet. All paying straightforward since the big bang. Are you (finally) ready to start referring things that will last

Read here my for a listing of my most trusted programs. I have tested many programs with a lot of trial and error. These are my finest and most converting programs for the long term. For any questions, please contact me anytime on my Facebook or Google+

Payza, the paypal for marketeers

Payza is in internet marketing the most widely accepted online payment processor that basically works the same as Paypal.

As you might know, many internet marketing programs have had "The PayPal slap" the last years. Paypal doesn't seem to want to work with internet earning or affiliate programs in general and has locked many of their accounts for administrators of these programs.

This made the internet marketing industry massively shifting to alternative online payment processors and Payza became the most common processor. Payza his features and stability are the most like Paypal have. Payza is the first payment processor internet marketer should have to receive their payouts. Payza has personal and business accounts, API integration, and direct transfer abilities to your bank or credit card. Payza is free to sign up and use. For transactions, there are several amounts of fees calculated.

DIY Tips to rank up higher in Google

SEO checklist for beginners

Search engine optimising, or SEO in short is nothing more or less than making your page friendly for search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. y doing this the proper way your site or blog will rank higher up in their algorithms.

When someone searches for specific info that your site provides, good Search Engines Optimizing will show your page or blog in a higher position at the search results. The best traffic or visitors you can get comes from direct searchings in search engines (organic search). This traffic is free and targeted and people are willing to read info where they have searched for themselves.

Here you will find the used terminology, tricks, do's and don't that you can do by yourself to make your site rank up higher in search engines.

7 Free simple ways to avoid PTC stress

Paid To Click with a smart twist

PTC stands for Pay To Click, A site where you are able to get paid simply for watching advertisements. These sites should be like a rolling snowball, starting slow and getting more profitable when you assign people under you (refer) or by buying upgrades.

Sounds great !, Right?
But? …. Are you really be able to get some decent money out of them?
Well, Let’s see and judge by yourself

How to promote a very populair site

4 great tips, to make the difference

Promoting a heavily-promoted program can be challenging. But, because of the huge momentum these sites create, people are willing to buy (from) these sites.

Success of a program clues and from that point of view is promoting them highly recommended. I have found over the years that there are four keys to promoting these programs successfully.

Attractive profile writing to make people connect

Stop selling, start connecting

One of the most underestimated futures that some internet marketing programs have is the ability to write a public profile about yourself.

A good profile gives you the chance to pre-sale ideas to your prospects and to put yourself and your face in the market instead of an opportunity. If you can connect with people they are more willing to buy from you than from someone who just pushes anonymous splash pages.

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